Black Wasp 2020

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Part 1

Today I actually brought my lunch to work. I need to make this a habit because I probably spend about $150 on food per week. I brought the good stuff; left over salmon and veggies. But still I had this random taste for Portillo’s Chicken Salad. Well as I’m driving listening to Young Thug, this huge bee appears out of no where in my car. Not sure how. My window was barely cracked open. How did this little guy get into my car at the speed I was going?

I’m happy the bee landed in my car today because it set off a light bulb. I’m reminded in that same moment the very importance of bees. As a kid I saw way more bees around to the point where going a summer without being stung was rare. One time I even got stung standing in line in elementary school, maybe the bees was attracted to my Oreos in my pocket ha-ha. I mean honestly, bees were way more prevalent a decade ago when you really think about it. Without trying, I’ve noticed the decline in bees over the years. I never did research until this past summer. Harvard University published a new study in the June edition Bulletin of Insectology proving my speculation right. Long story short, the massive amounts of pesticides we spray on food that causes human diseases also has killed our global bee population at an exponential rate.

It upset me because bees play a major role in our environment. Most species pollinate plants and flowers as they feed on nectar. Bees in a sense never get tired, they work all day. If we removed them, it would cause major problems with our agriculture foundation. Personally, I love apples, mangos, pears and strawberries just as much as the next person. Being able to have access to these fruits and vegetables means a lot to me.

Before humans established a huge agriculture system, bees played a huge role in spreading the growth of food around the world. Strange correlations came to mind; it’s no secret that slaves were giving sugar and water while they worked on hot plantations. The sugar and water allowed them to work longer hours just like bees. Sometimes we find ourselves distracted and drained dealing with everyday life. It is hard for me to remain focus all the time. Seriously, no two days are the same mentally. Does something need a little more tlc in your life? Are you on the verge of burning out? Give yourself the proper care and nurture. Attend a church service. Try eating clean only two days of the week. Take a new workout class. Talk to someone new. Step outside of your comfort zone.

Written by Gerald Jackson @g.wroteit