Caterpillar 1

· 304 words · about 2 minutes

Life sometimes calls for you to have a profound change in form of one stage to the next. Just as a caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. Seasons of change are always upon us, just think of life sometimes like the fall. Fall is traditionally speaking the period at which the harvests of summer growth takes place-then much of the soil is covered by leaves before snow comes. The fall always makes me realize God is real and nothing can truly explain what is happening around us. I try to embrace it and realize each time I walk out the house is a blessing. I truly believe that being stagnant is deadly to the soul. I have old homies that still stand on the corners of the same blocks since I was 14. Remember the rhythm of life is important to ponder about. In order to survive life we need to evolve here and there. The ability to control our external environment starts within our internal mind. We have to think of ourselves as caterpillars as eggs, to larva, to pupa, and then adults that eventually fly away. Everything in life takes time, why wouldn’t we human beings need time to evolve? The only difference between us and the trees we see in the fall is the ability to reason and have complex thought. I always admired how trees can stay in one place for decades and the leaves can change colors; that’s cool but we humans have the ability through experiences and prayer to evolve. The likes of Paul Robeson, Benjamin Franklin, to Isaac Newton, to Jamie Foxx. The art of putting on a different hat and being something else is unique and something as human beings we should take advantage of! Evolve.

Written by Gerald Jackson @g.wroteit