#HeDefeatsTheDay Q&A Featuring Siya KaNzwakele (Sylvan Ant Siya Dube)

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Written by Gerald Jackson

I’m quite sure you hear people ask time after time, “How are you so good at what you do?” Do you feel that being an elite artist is a innate talent people are born with?

Siya Response – I am a perfectionist and I like learning ways to improve my technique as well as making it easier. Being an elite artist I think is more work and dedication to be the best than just being born with the talent, take me for instance, I have been drawing for only 5year and I am at a level with people that have been doing it for decades because I’m hungry to be one of the best in the world now not in a decade.

People who identify as “left-brain” thinkers often feel they have strong science, math, and logic skills. Whereas, “right-brain” thinkers feel they are more abstract and creative. I feel that even solving a long algorithm requires both sides of the brain, because there is always more than one way to solve a problem.

What are your thoughts? Do you identify with one side more than the other?

Siva Response – I use both sides I think, because I love math and science I even studied a Bsc Mathematical Science in Stellenbosch University didn’t finish due to financial problems but even now most people don’t know that I am an artist but also a nerd.

Do you have to plan ahead or be in a specific environment to put out your best work?

Siya response – Sometimes i do plan then scroll through thousands of pics on my phone and if i come across a pic that looks great for what i have in mind i draw it, as for environment i just need a table and im good.

I’m a firm believer in being diligent and the 10,000 hour rule. I feel that if anyone can devote close to 10,000 hours into their respective craft, they will reach levels of mastery. Do you have a rule of thumb that you live by in order to keep improving your skills?

Siva Response – I think it is very important to learn from other artists’ drawing techniques then from that to develop a technique that works for you and also to be patient, mastery takes time.

As Gala was to Dali in terms of everyday inspiration, do you currently have a muse?

Siya Response – Not at the moment

At what age did you start drawing?

Siya Response – 18 while I was doing my first year

Outside of art, on a everyday basis, how do you continue to defeat your day?

Siya Response – I work full time as a Consultant.

Thanks for giving our readers here at @DFTHDY so much insight on your craft Siya. To our readers, check out Siya’s work and follow him at @HUNKYHITMAN


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