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I honestly lost count how many times I saved my own life by listening to my gut. You know that feeling when you shouldn’t go to a party and then 30 minutes later you hear it was shot up. I promise you, it’s the God in me.

I’ve always had that one friend that wanted to hit every party in the city. Sometimes I would take that chance but my fear never allowed me to enjoy myself. It probably doesn’t make sense, but that’s why I’m still here today. In my city you can see the dying pain on the faces of the youth – people just want to have a quality of living, but how can you when you’re so worried about danger?

For anyone to truly trust their intuition, they must have confidence within themselves- in my opinion. If you have confidence you wouldn’t always doubt what your OWN gut is telling you in any given situation. No confidence and no belief in one’s own intuition equals a weak human being that will fall for anything.

It’s important that we go back to ancient beliefs and ideas when searching for the truth. What does a dog have in common with a baby? Have you ever thought about how both are limited in terms of speech, mobility, etc.; but both search for love, truth, freedom, peace, and justice? According to theweek.com’s experiment, researchers were surprised when the dogs were largely indifferent to another human’s encouragement and warmth, even if there were tasty snacks used for an incentive. With that being said, many people don’t know exactly how smart a dog or child can be; think about how a dog becomes overly protective when its owner becomes pregnant for example. A puppy will sleep on the floor next to the crib of a newborn child. A dog obviously can’t communicate with a human through speech, but dog’s strong intuition is amazingly similar to that of human beings.

I often ponder on ancient success stories and wonder how exactly did ancient civilizations move around the globe. I have never thought that languages spoken by man had all their origin in one intuitional way of communication. I feel that human’s intuitive spirits are the same across the board. Perhaps several among the early races were more spiritual than others, but I feel it was prompted by intuition. The genius of some races leads them to seek for the light within.

We are all born intuitive, since birth we have had a God given GPS system. Sometimes we just honestly forget to use it. In the 21st century we are not searching for land, water, and a place to harvest the land, but we can apply our intuitive feelings to have a happier life. Little things like when you know you shouldn’t hang out with an old friend just because you two go ‘wayyyyy back”. Stop believing everything someone tells you, take it for a grain of salt, it’s a measure of healthy skepticism. I find it hilarious when people think they aren’t being cheated on, when the signs are right in front of them. Let go of the leash and listen to your own gut. I’ve come to find out that my intuition has never lied to me. Something feels wrong with your body, you’re in danger, you want to save someone’s life, you feel confident in something, or you’re done with a situation- are all common intuitive feelings you should learn to never avoid.

Often times the truth doesn’t form a Mona Lisa photo, but more like “the stolen Eileen” portrait. With that being said knowing the truth shouldn’t throw you off your path, instead shake hands with your enemies daily, and thank your intuition- it shall set you free! Practice worrying about yourself and speaking your gut, don’t care if it’s blunt, or always have the feeling of regret. Remember we are all animals; we are to survive; only the strong will.

Written by Gerald Jackson