Meet Gerald Jackson

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Around 2 years ago the phrase “Defeat The Day” came to me. I was honestly just using it on social media every morning when I was headed to the gym. At the time, I was working 2 jobs, taking classes, working on mobile apps and finding time to get in the gym. It wasn’t easy at all; many days I wanted to cheat myself and skip the gym or skip working on a project that day. I started using Snapchat heavy, everyday, showing my busy schedule to anyone who cared to watch. I noticed over the months people started watching and sending me messages like: “Keep grinding”, “Man how do you stay motivated”, “Dude you have unlimited energy.” It almost felt like I was motivating people myself, which was strange to me at first. I always catch myself being inspired by someone when I witness his or her work ethic first hand. So I decided to keep grinding, keep using the phrase, and keep inspiring people. Many mornings at 4 AM when my alarm went off it was so easy to get discouraged, skip the gym, skip coding for that hour, or to skip working on that business plan. Somehow I started to feel that if I didn’t defeat my day, I would be letting someone down who I inspired.

The truth is, everyone is defeating something in his or her day. Whether that is taking night classes after a job, being a single parent, trying to lose weight, trying to make the varsity team in high school, etc. Everyone is trying to Defeat The Day. It’s really a mental game, I think hard work becomes a skill after a while. It’s not easy to have a new mind trick everyday to complete all your tasks and stay motivated. I noticed it became easy to block out any distractions and to zone out for months at a time to complete something. It’s really just a matter of looking yourself in the mirror and prioritizing everything that really matters. That may mean less partying, less dates, less cocktails, because all that really doesn’t have anything to do with your end goal.

A year later, around summer 2014, my brother from another, Q told me he related to the phrase and that he started using it out in California. I thought that was cool, but he thought it was beyond cool and more like a brand. After sharing visions with each other we decided to partner and brainstorm over the next year how we could bring this brand to life in 2015. At the time I had to finish school, so I didn’t want to add more on my plate. Marquinn is a perfect partner; he really cared about the movement and possesses a fine eye for quality. Many times I can be a bit unadulterated and raw about ideas, Marquinn will say “Wait, lets plan this out and make it right.” We have a perfect blend if you ask me.

With that being said, it’s November 2015 and Defeat The Day is here! This movement is for the people, this is a mindset for those with a task list today, it can get done my friend, DEFEAT THE DAY!


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