Meet Q Gibson

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What’s good? Allow me to introduce myself to you: readers, supporters, peers, and anybody else who has made an investment in my life over the past two decades. I’m Q Gibson, a co-founder of “Defeat The Day”, an artist, visionary, believer in God, & all things that bring forth peace within my life.

However, I’m not here to discuss any titles, accolades, or accomplishments in my life. I’m using this time to simply, stop, be still, and reflect on this current moment in life. Right now it’s about 10 PM on a cool Sunday night in Los Angeles, California. My brain has been in 9 different places throughout this week so it feels good to use this day to regroup, prepare for the week ahead, work towards something that is meaningful, and to be given a chance to inspire others.

I just threw a load of clothes in the washing machine as I’m preparing to depart to Atlanta this upcoming Tuesday. I get the chance to reconnect with family I haven't seen in years or since I left Chicago a while back. I’m thankful. In this exact moment, I am truly thankful. I’m not sure what took me so long to book this flight but the relief I felt after booking it was much needed. Not because I like to travel or I wanted some Waffle House but simply because I get to use this time to remind me of how much the idea and value of family really means to me.

Here in LA, I have no biological family members near me. Good or bad? It’s subjective, but I’ve realized that everyday of my life has become about almost everything except family to be honest. Yeah, I’ve made friends, gained a new outlook on life, and even made great strides in developing myself for my desired career but I never really reflected on what got me to this exact point. With all these new memories I’ve been making, it’s been a minute since I thought back on the times I played Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis after I finished my homework, went to Chuck E Cheese’s with my sisters & cousins, or even rode through the streets of Beloit on my green Next bike with the 4 pegs that my grandad David bought for me. He passed last year.

All of these things shaped me before I made it to LA. I’m a firm believer in that.

Now I’m jotting my thoughts down through a blog on a website a friend and I created based off of a catchy phrase: Defeat The Day. Like almost anything else in life, this started off small and organically became something much more meaningful than a phrase. It’s become a state of mind, lifestyle, and a brand (as cliche as that may sound.) Gerald thought nothing of it when he first said it but I thought it was the catchiest thing I’d heard him say in a minute. Almost everyday that I would wake, I’d thank God for the day and login to Snapchat for my first post of the day. Whatever I’d post would be followed by a caption stating “Defeat The Day” as a thought to encourage any and everybody who may follow me on the Snap (@thisisgib.) Since then it’s become a habit and people respect it. Some people love it so much that they’ve adopted the phrase into their own Snapchat posts, Instagram posts, etc.

As we prepare to launch the official Defeat The Day website I just think to myself: Wow. Look how we can create life and witness fruition all from one phrase. Once again, I am thankful; for you the readers, supporters, peers, and anybody else who has made an investment in my life over the past two decades. We have a lot more in store than a t shirt with a logo on it. I just ask that you read, listen, and continue to walk with us on our journey to share and inspire you with people across the globe discovering how we all defeat our days.


- Q Gibson