#Mindset: August 1st, 2016

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Written by Q Gibson

9:17 AM. Monday, August 1st, 2016. I’m listening to this album “Tomorrow” by Dave B & Sango. Very tranquil. Just bookmarked page 10 as I’ve began to read Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” while I’m visiting Dana Point, a resort spot about an hour outside of LA (Closer to San Diego.) All of these things make up and help contribute to my current mindset on this day.

I knew I needed a break from LA and this is it. A small getaway in order to regroup and gain a different kind of momentum as I enter the last quarter of 2016. I’ve had my fair share of good and not so good days this year but I can certainly say the good has far outweighed the not so good. Not many people like or appreciate Mondays but I got a special appreciation for them. It could be because of how I always feel inspired by the remaining inspiration from Sunday’s church services, the solitude I cherish on days like this when the rest of the world is at work, or just simply being able to plan out my week in an effective way.

Dana Point, CA ~Taken by Q Gibson

It wasn’t always like this. Mentally, I’m almost twice as strong as I was since I last shared my thoughts with you guys. I read three books in a week and half’s time that helped me resign my last job in order to further pursue endeavors surrounding my artistry within the confines of rap, Defeat The Day, & my photography business. I CHOSE to put myself first. My happiness should be second to none in this lifetime because quite frankly I could die at any moment. Some people are frightened by that thought but I’m making a effort to be motivated by it. A lot of people looked at me crazy when I announced my departure from the job but the amount of power and freedom that came with making such a decision far exceeded any amount of money. Why? Because I am actively practicing the skill of calculated risk-taking which a lot of people my age suffer from the lack thereof. I never realized I had that type of power. Being broke is in no way fun, but it has NEVER broken me. In fact, it strengthened me and helped me activate my faith into something greater instead of a check. I’m 23, if not now, when? I will NOT wait until I’m 30+.

Yes, bills still have to be paid. Yes, days still need to be defeated. Oh, and yes I’ll eventually have to find another “job” until the day all of my endeavors help me think and grow rich, pun intended. However, I realize the power of choice is just as important as the tasks I just listed. I understand my worth a bit more so as I return to the LA, I’m not really taking “no” for an answer. I’m really my worst enemy and if you aren't comfortable enough with yourself, you wont be able to admit that. You CANNOT defeat the day with a feeble mindset. So again, I am choosing a mindset of freedom, power, and abundance all bound together. When it’s all said and done, this is greater than myself, Gerald, or the person reading these words. So as you carry on, ask yourself which mindset are you CHOOSING? Be open. Be real. But don't be defeated.


Written by Gerald Jackson

Today I woke up very sore & tired. I could think of a million reasons as to why I should call off from work today... I did the exact opposite.

*Turns on my morning music*... Let’s get it, time to defeat this day. Starting with defeating this tired mentality right now. In life as we set goals and strive toward them, no two days are the same. Some days everything is going great and it is easy to stay so motivated and other days – I can think of a million excuses. The biggest mental trick I have lately is to remember and actually acknowledge the fact that “YES, TODAY, at this MOMENT, I am lazy and tired; YES I don’t feel like working out, YES I don’t feel like looking at excel sheets to make sure my budgeting is on target for the month, BUT todays feeling has NOTHING to do with my end goal. Todays excuse has ZERO to do with the fact that I have to Defeat The Day in order to progressively get towards my end goal.”

Gerald plays in the NEXT LEVEL PRO AM in Chicago, IL

“Don’t check the score bro, just keep going” - @athisgib

Then about 15 minutes later after my alarm goes off and all the negative excuses fade away, I roll out of bed; prepared to start another long week. 8 workouts, 2 summer league games, final coding steps to complete @247competition, work every day 9am to 5pm... So on and so forth. Just another Monday, another day to defeat!