#SheDefeatsTheDay Q&A Featuring Chelsea Turpin

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Featuring Chelsea Turpin

Chelsea Turpin

Gerald - It’s an honor to allow us to feature you on our first featured blog post this winter. I’ve personally noticed your growth over the past few years. I saw a Instagram #TBT (Throwback Thursday) post on your profile (IG https://www.instagram.com/chelseaturpin_/ ) that said something along the lines of “About a year ago, I remember being stressed working unpaid internships and overwhelmed with school work. I just continued to work and trust the process… “ (See IG https://www.instagram.com/chelseaturpin_/ for more).

Can you shed some light on this post? Tell our readers what was it like for you when you stepped into uncertainty and had to basically keep faith before you started to see growth.

Chelsea - I posted this picture when I realized that I would be finishing my degree soon. I just couldn't believe how quickly time had went by. My first big opportunity was an internship at Oscar de La Renta. Like most internships with high end designers, it was unpaid. My parents told me I needed to work so at that time I was interning, working part time, and enrolled in school. My days started at 7 AM and usually ended at midnight. At the time it seemed like a never ending cycle of work; I felt like everyone around me was enjoying college. I just had to remind myself that I was living my dream and it would pay off some day. Now I’m currently graduating with multiple job offers in an industry I love. Throughout this process I’m finally seeing the fruits of my labor.

Gerald- Where did this process ultimately lead you? Can you share what the fall of 2015 and this past summer was like for you in New York?

Chelsea - After working unpaid for a year I landed paid internships for this past fall and summer. I interned in the public relations department at Escada over the summer and spent the fall working with the menswear PR team at Ralph Lauren. I started job hunting during my last month of school and all the people I met throughout my internships were more than willing to help. It was great to have people in the industry willing to mentor me and share their connections.

Chelsea Turpin

Gerald - How did the move from Washington, D.C. to New York influence your growth?

Many times I personally try not to stress too much about the future and stay in the present; although one can argue that is impossible. I always felt like everything happens in life twice - once mentally and next into full fruition. It seems that no matter how much we think we can control our lives, unpleasant surprises will always come to surface. After reading Phil Jackson’s “Eleven Rings”, it took me awhile to adopt a Zenful approach consistently. I felt less stress realizing as long as I was aware of immediate obstacles, and controlled the things I could control, I can believe the outcome striving toward any goal.

Gerald - How long do you stick with an idea before giving up?

Chelsea - I never give up on an idea. It's almost like I can't even give up if I wanted to. My ideas are what make me who I am. Even though I've changed and grown over the years, my core interests and passions have always been the same. I used to make bracelets in elementary school and sell them on the playground. Later on, in middle school, I sold sneakers on eBay. Throughout high school I interned in boutiques then fashion blogged throughout college.

If I'm not pursuing the things I'm passionate about I can't sleep at night; I'm not happy, something just feels wrong. Therefore, I never give up on my ideas because they are what keep me up at night and I wouldn't be me without them.

Chelsea Turpin

Gerald - As an athlete I live in the gym, sometimes twice a day, the endorphin high I get is second to none. I was in New York last February for All-Star Weekend; I had a chance to indulge in NYC traffic, run in fear of being late to events, shared the subway with rats, and most exciting - talked to strangers. The New York lifestyle is very fast paced. I couldn’t imagine lazy people like… living there.

Can you share with our readers your fitness habits and future fitness plans? How does having an active lifestyle supplement your fashion activities?

Chelsea - As far as health goes, I just feel more in control of my life when I am in control of what I'm eating. When I'm constantly consuming fast food I don't have as much energy and don't feel as confident. I make healthier choices throughout the week and may cheat on the weekends when my friends and I go out for a boozy brunch.

I've been all about proteins and veggies. Some of my favorites are salmon, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and spinach.

Going into the new year I plan on eating a more plant based diet. I considered going vegan because of all the amazing health and mental benefits but it seems like such a big change. I recently started reading a book called Tiny and Full, which is all about starting your day vegan. So you’re basically vegan up until lunch.

For exercise, I recently started using Class Pass and I am obsessed with it. It gives you access to tons of boutique gyms in NYC so it allows you to switch up your workouts. Right now I'm really into strength training but this year I want to incorporate boxing and pilates into my routine.

When I'm more active I just have more confidence and feel like I have a certain glow about me. I go to the gym early in the morning and show up to work refreshed and energetic. It changes the way I carry myself, speak with others, and look in my clothes.

Gerald - Last question, what motivates you?

Chelsea - I'm motivated by the type of woman I want to be and the lifestyle I want to have. I want more for myself and I know that I deserve it. I know that God has planted a seed in me to do something amazing with my life. So I'm just motivated to keep working towards my full potential and find a way to give to others.

Thanks Chelsea for allowing us to interview you, it has been fun and I hope our readers enjoy your insight! We at #DFTHDY appreciate it dearly!