#SheDefeatsTheDay Q&A Featuring Jazmin LaBrie

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Written by Gerald Jackson

It's important that I get the basics out the way, how long have you been into music ?

LaBrie Response - Ive been into music all my life. My parents would always jam to Bob Marley and old funk tapes in the car and at the age of 2 i was always dancing at the family get togethers so they say lol i have pictures too.

it's rare for people to know exactly what they want to pursue in life at a young age. The ones that do usually become legends, at what age did you realize music was for you?

LaBrie Response - Ive always been attached to music since I could remember. When i got my first computer in 6th grade i would always download mixtapes and oldies and that was the time that iPods came out and everyone at school would ask me to hook them up with some playlists of mine and I realized it was my thing to influence people to new sounds.

Whenever I'm listening to radio interviews, I always hear the older artist say music is watered down now. I find that hard to believe, I think it just evolving. As long as artist try to tell stories at least, I can't complain. The greats told stories and painted life pictures. What is your opinion on this?

LaBrie Response - Yeah i agree music is always evolving. Its all about the experience of the individual, telling their stories and vocalizing their own personal experiences and some people can relate and others may not understand. As long as the message in the music is relatable and can touch someone out there thats all that matters.

What was the goal of your latest project? What were you hoping the fans can walk away with?

LaBrie Response - My goal with this project is to create an escape for the listeners. i wanted to bring a different vibe for all the music lovers out there. I tried to create a realm to influence the listener to dream and imagine a different world than their current reality whatever that may be.

As athletes are familiar with repetition "in the lab", musicians are putting in hours "in the stu". What was the creative process like for this project? How long did it take to make it come into fruition?

LaBrie Response - The creative process for this project happened very natural. I linked with my best friends god brother Chayse Walker and started freestyling in his studio and he would sample my voice and create a beat out of that and we keep going from there. Eventually everything came together and we kept building songs with that process and came out with The Lucid Realm demo. We took the project and brought it to our amazing engineers studio (Joshua Valleau at The Glass Wall studio) where he mixed and mastered everything smoothing out the rough edges while we were right there with him. We definitely took our time with it.

*...ended up with The Lucid Realm demo"

I would say it took about 18 months from start to finish to complete the experiment.

What has been the difference from high school and Now in terms of your work ethic ? Everybody knows lil wayne and Tupac praised being diligent with the pen & pad.

LaBrie Response - Gotta love Tupac and Weezy I remember back in high school i was just playing around in the studio. It was all fun and games with the homies but as I grew older I learned to have discipline and take my craft more serious being in the studio everyday creating as well as having fun and being free with it.

Just as Michael Jackson was Kobe Bryant's muse, What influences or muses in your life allow you to get into your zone?

LaBrie Response - I have a lot of influences but I would say my constant muses are definitely Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Their style reminds me to remain true to who I am and represent my true spirit.

What can your fans look forward to in the future?

LaBre Response - All the lovers can look forward to more vibes and experiences to come in the future.