#SheDefeatsTheDay Q&A Featuring Lex Ossey

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Written by Q Gibson

Q: What’s good Lex! As a model based in LA by way of Chicago, we share a few things in common. We've come from the same city in order to become better in our respective crafts.

How has the transition from Chicago to LA been for you?

LEX: Overall it was pretty smooth. I had a few connects here and there to get me right back into modeling. However, the modeling environment out here is completely different - uncomfortable in a way, and a bit degrading to women. But it’s all a learning experience; dealing with many of the aspects and avenues of the industry accordingly.

Q: How do you feel about the opportunities/modeling gigs you've gotten since being here in LA? Have you had to turn down any?

LEX: The opportunities out here in LA are endless! I couldn’t stress that enough. You must choose them wisely though. That’s for sure haha. Most gigs out here are willing to pay. In Chicago it’s small and local - everyone knows each other so there’s always a ‘favor for a favor’ being done. I’ve rarely experienced paid gigs back at home.

I’ve most definitely turned some jobs down. Sometimes transportation wasn’t always reliable or I just didn’t feel comfortable about working with the people who offered the job. I don’t regret my decision as far as that goes.

Q: When you first decided to model, how did your family react? Were they supportive?

LEX: My daddy got me started modeling when I was 9 years old. But I took a standby once I hit high school, and started back when I turned 21. So it was no surprise for them, they supported me for sure. Came to all of my fashion shows!

Q: Take us back to your first shoot. Choose 3 words. How did you feel in that process?

LEX: I was nervous as hell lol! It all seemed pretty brand new to me because I hadn’t modeled since I was younger and this time around it was a completely different hand of cards. I wasn’t just shooting to advertise skippy peanut butter, I was branding myself and showing my talent. I was very insecure, and afraid of the expectations the others had. The pictures didn’t come out bad for my first time though, so it all worked out in the end.

Q: We've got the chance to work together on a shoot that I think was pretty incredible for something that was almost impromptu outside of choosing locations.

How important is chemistry whenever you're working with a photographer or videographer?

LEX: Chemistry is VERY important when it comes to a collaboration. I think 90 percent of the work you put in during the shoot is based off of chemistry and the vibes. Lack of chemistry or connection will definitely reveal itself within the shot. It’s a team effort, the gunfire is never pointed at one person; if the model looks awkward or unnatural it reflects on the model AND the photographer. It’s important for the photographer to feel comfortable as well. They capture the shots, so vibes have to be positive on their end too. Creations happen through connection and chemistry. That’s a general statement for any art.

Q: What else is important that you think the average model (or person for that matter) might not know?

LEX: As far as what might go unnoticed or may be unknown amongst both creators, is that even though he/she (model and photographer) have agreed or been hired for the gig BECAUSE they KNOW what they are doing and how to do it; but always enter the task with an open mind. There is ALWAYS something to be learned. Even if you know your job like the inside of your eyelids, there’s always clientele, techniques, and work ethic to grasp onto. Majority of models/photographers go to the gig ‘just to get the job done.’

Q: As a photographer, there's only a handful of people who can make my job easy by just capturing a look or feel in any given photo. It's almost like you become in sync with the environment. How did you become good at just being in your own element in photos? Was there any type of training involved?

LEX: I didn’t have any professional training. I kinda just picked up on the tips America’s Next Top Model had as well as advice from other models and photographers gave. Learning my angles and proportions on camera. I would honestly practice every now and then in the mirror. It definitely helps a lot.

Q: Confidence is almost a necessity when it comes to modeling, choosing outfits, accessories, etc. How do you keep confident in looks where you may be more revealing?

LEX: Well not too many insecurities come along with a petite physique, so as long as it’s tasteful, I don’t mind revealing. However, learning your angles most definitely boosts your confidence regardless of whether the concept is revealing or not. That’s the technique I use to pull through a revealing shot.

Q: There's definitely more to life than modeling. Give me 3 things you have yet to learn that you would like to in the near future?

LEX: Three thing I would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle, a different language, and I can’t think of anything else at the moment lol!

Q: Awesome. What has been your biggest obstacle in modeling and how have you defeated it?

LEX: My biggest obstacle would be learning myself as a model and what techniques work best for me to get a great shot. Like I said earlier, it's just a matter of taking the time out to stare at yourself in the mirror and master how you look and feel in the positions you put yourself in. If the position or pose feels a bit uncomfortable or awkward 9/10 the pose will look great haha.

Q: Nice! I can say that there's definitely been a couple things learned here today.

Thanks & continue defeating your day! Thank you to our readers as well!

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