#SheDefeatsTheDay Q&A Featuring @Sydvisuals

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Gerald: What's up Syd, first off thanks for cooperating with us, how did you start the new year?

Sydney: What's up G, I'm happy to work with you and the team so first and foremost thank you for reaching out as we go into the New Year. This year I brought in the holiday by spending a day at the spa and having a long discussion with one of my best friends about our goals and plans for the upcoming year. It was relaxing and set the standard for the year.

G: Are you superstitious or do you have any new Year new me rituals lol?

S: I'm not superstitious at all, but NYE is always a chance to evaluate the decisions that I made throughout the year and where they landed me. I turned 24 on the 30th of December so I also used that day to celebrate the successes of 2016 and strategize the successes of 2017. Every NYE I am surrounded by family and it is the time of the year that I really count my blessings and sit still in their company; a relaxing end to the year.

G: Do you remember your first painting? Were you hesitant to put it out there?

S: I actually don't remember my first painting because I was extremely young when I started but I vividly remember the first time that someone told me that I was gifted. I was eight or nine years old and one of my paintings made it into the local museum for an art exhibit and I was overwhelmed. My school's art teacher encouraged me to practice and it jumpstarted my confidence in my art. I'm not nervous or hesitant about sharing my pieces anymore because in a way they represent who I am as a woman. They say something about me that I may never share in conversation. My talents grow with me and we continue to progress and I love it now; it's freeing now.

G: Are you a people watcher or do people come to you for portraits?

S: I am SUCH a people watcher. I think that people watching is like exploration. A lot of the portraits that I freehand are a collection of features that I admire on my friends, family, and beautiful people that I see walking around the city. People come to me for portraits a lot because they like art that feels personal to them but I would paint portraits whether or not anybody commissioned me to do them. People are beautiful and I enjoy preserving beauty in my work.

G: I really like your work, I think you can pretty much put your talent to use for any reason. Have you entertained the idea of creating visuals for startups or companies in general so that they have content to post on social media ?

S: Thank you, I feel like you have a good eye for art so that is a great compliment. I have done a few graphics but I am still trying to get better at digital art. I love the feeling of a paintbrush on canvas but I know that a lot of people need digital content for websites. I love collaborating with people that are passionate about their startups and companies so when they reach out I try my hardest to teach myself how to create content that represents myself and their brand. I have done some work for a few companies but you'll have to be on the lookout for that work!

G: Now if a guy out there wants to get bae a portrait, what's the process?

S: If anybody wants bae painted, I'm the girl they need to contact! With Valentines Day coming up I am more than excited to get started on orders for portraits. I have created a commission order form on my website so I am ready for orders! Let's make bae happy for the holiday!

G: I'm a natural 'doodler', sometimes I sketch to relieve stress actually. Have long have you been drawing? Did you have a formal art teacher or did it come natural to you?

S: Outside of elementary school I have not taken a formal art class (yet). I have been drawing in the margins of my classwork since before I can remember. I have gradually gotten more and more comfortable creating work and I am so happy that people can see my progress. I do plan on taking classes to enhance and solidify my style. I want people to walk by a piece of art in a gallery and be able to say "That's a Sydney Greene piece, I can tell!"

G: If you don't mind spilling the beans, what can people expect from you in 2017?

S: In 2017, I want people to expect a large variety of events. I am planning Paint & Parties in a few cities and art shows as well. This year will be the year that my content takes off. I am creating a lot more original pieces and continuing to work with those who work so well with me. It is definitely the year to expand.

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