Sunday food for thought. Positive energy!

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A setback is nothing more than a setup for success!


Small thing to a giant right? We have all faced it; it’s literally impossible to go through life without it. I’ve probably faced the most adversity in my college years; those nights when you want to give up and just throw it all away. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to hold on to my vision, without it, I would of given up in those moments of despair.


Vision and adversity go hand in hand. Reminiscing on the stories my grandfather, the Reverend Otis L. Brown, used to tell me after leaving Bennett Elementary, I learned at an early age that life is going to be difficult. Due to my grandpa’s wisdom, at age 22 I now see it as- the sooner you accept that life is hard, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Rest in peace to Nelson Mandela, talk about someone who had a vision. Mandela left Robben Island Prison in 1989 and later became president of South Africa. The amount of adversity he faced could not be summed up on this one page. Babies fall on their butts all the time! How could a baby that never fell to the ground eventually build confidence to walk, run, skip, and leap? The same applies to the person reading this article. If you don’t fail, how can you succeed? Mandela, like many other global icons knew that without ACTION no vision would come true. A mere vision without actions is just a huge illustration.

I’ve always felt that your vision should scare you to death! The dreams you have apart of your vision should be so dramatic that maybe the people around you laugh. That’s okay, because today we will remove all dead weight from around us. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision. It’s no reason in the world a dream can’t come true for anyone who puts in the necessary work. A vision starts with baby steps. Think about Steve Jobs and Walt Disney; their vision was so ahead of their time. Walt Disney had no clue the swampland he purchased would turn into what is known today as ‘Disney World’. Both men put faith into the action they took and never looked back. Sadly, both didn’t live to see their vision fully unfold.

So as the story unfolds, remove the dead weight out of your life. It will only hinder you. Do you and your friends have a mutual benefiting relationship? If not, what’s the point? In every facet of life, misery loves company. If anyone knew today was their last day, they would do everything imaginable now! Use that as daily motivation. Chase the dream.

- Gerald Jackson